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What damages can I recover in an Illinois bicycle accident lawsuit?

Illinois bike accident recoveryUrban development is on the rise.  Young residents all across Illinois are flooding back to big cities like Chicago and they are bringing their bikes.  In the midst of this growth and bubbling population, accidents are bound to happen and they do.  Bicyclists are commonly sideswiped, hit by turning vehicles, struck by car doors, and run right over in yield zones.

If you happen to be a victim of an Illinois bike accident, or someone that you know is a victim of an Illinois bike accident, it is important to understand for what and where you can seek recovery.  Therefore, the next few sections highlight and demonstrate the most common categories of compensation for Illinois bike accident lawsuits.

Tangible Losses

The legal system is meant to compensate victims for the losses they suffered because of the wrongful conduct of others.  When looking to identify and sum these after a bike accident, the most reliable and noticeable area to look for is what is called economic damages.  Essentially, these are all of the out-of-pocket damages that you sustained; the costs that you incurred due to the incident.  Generally, they are more tangible in nature than other forms of loss because you can easily point to them or notice their absence.  Here are some economic or tangible damages that Illinois bike accident victims typically suffer:

  • Medical bills including ER visits, follow-up doctor visits, rehabilitation, medication.
  • Lost income due to time spent away from work or investments while recovering.
  • Property damage due to the crash to your bike or other personal property.

Intangible Losses

Sometimes bike accidents are so severe that they can leave you substantially and permanently affected.  They can completely change your life!  Litigation is supposed to compensate you to the total extent that you are affected and this includes harms that are more intangible or non-economic in nature.  Generally, they are seen in the following fashions:

  • If you experience ongoing pain and suffering because of the injuries you received in the bike accident.
  • If you have scarring, disfigurement, or disability because of the injuries you received in the bike accident.
  • If your life is altered beyond normalcy because of the injuries you received in the bike accident.

Punishment Damages (Punitive)

Sometimes, defendants’ conduct is so extreme that courts attempt to punish them for their recklessness.  When they do, the resulting award is called punitive damages.  However, the aim is not only present but future because they aim to discourage others from acting in a similar fashion as well.  What acts typically warrant such harsh treatment?  Here is a short list but it is important to remember that they can arise in other circumstances.  The key question is was the defendant’s action extreme, wanton, or extremely careless?

  • Driving while under the influence.
  • Driving carelessly through a yield zone or construction zone.
  • Driving at dangerous speeds.

Death Damages Afforded to the Family of a Deceased Cyclist

If a bike accident leaves one of your loved ones dead, then you need to be familiar with wrongful death damages available in Illinois.  This is particular recovery normally assigned to relatives or spouses of the deceased because of their loss.  Generally, it accounts for the lost support, services, companionship, and love that the decedent would have provided but for the incident.  Spouses and children are the most common recipients of wrongful death damages for bike accidents in Illinois but others can possibly recover as well depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case.


No two cases are the same.  Every bike accident is unique and mirrors others only in broad strokes.  What you obtain through a jury award or settlement amount will be determined primarily by how your incident occurred, how the incident affected you, and how those facts interact with the laws of Illinois.  Therefore, it is critical that you speak with our experienced attorneys so that we can help you understand how all of these dimensions interact with each other and what that spells out in terms of potential recovery.

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