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Car Dooring Accidents

Chicago Bike-Car Dooring Accident Attorneys

A bicycle rider can suffer serious injuries or death when involved in a “dooring” accident with a vehicle parked in the roadway or parking lot. Dooring accidents occur when a vehicle occupant opens their door into the pathway of an approaching bicycle. In many situations, the bicyclists is flung over the door, suffering serious injuries to their body. In nearly every case, a car door accident is caused by a negligent driver or passenger who is distracted, inattentive or not watching the roadway when exiting.

Common Dooring Scenario Where Cyclists Get Hurt

Failing to take notice of an approaching bicyclist before opening the door of vehicle can cause serious incidences over and above just hitting the biker. These incidences can include:

  • The bike rider might swerve in an effort to avoid hitting the door and instead ride the
    bicycle into traffic, another vehicle or obstacle.
  • The bike rider might fall from their bicycle in an attempt to avoid striking the car door and
    hit the road, gravel or asphalt at a rate of speed that causes serious injury.
  • The bicyclist might be hurled over the car door landing in the pavement only to be struck
    by other vehicles sharing the road.

Motorists Taking Preventative Measures to Avoid Dooring Cyclists

While driving defensively has saved the lives of many motorists, it is also good advice for bicyclists. By taking preventative defensive actions, the cyclist can avoid hitting a vehicle door opened suddenly in their pathway. In addition, the biker can continuously scan the area while riding to be alerted of any vehicle recently parked or any other visual cue that might signal an individual is exiting their vehicle. Maintaining a safe distance from the “door zone” is also advisable, by traveling three to four feet away from parallel parked vehicles or cars stopped along the curb.

When a loan on the roadway alongside of parked vehicles, the possibility of adoring accident is increased because occupants in the vehicle are unsuspecting of an approaching bicycle. Installing a bike rear view mirror is an effective preventive solution that provides instant data on approaching cars in the event the biker must swerve out of the way to avoid the opening door. Because parked vehicles make bike lanes significantly more dangerous, installing a rear view mirror provides an effective safety advantage that allows the bike rider to keep their eyes on every potential hazard while maneuvering to avoid impact with an open door.

Serious Injuries Facing Bikers Who Get Doored

When the bicyclist hits the car door and flips over and lands on the hard pavement, they have the potential of suffering serious injury to their face, head, shoulders, hands, pelvis, knees or back. Often times, the victim suffers serious “road rash” were skin is torn away from the body by moving across the hard road surface.

Chicago bike injury lawyers filing claims and lawsuits notice recurring accident themes were cases involve serious injuries that include:

  • Skull and brain injuries
  • Neurological damage and excruciating impulses on pain receptors
  • Internal bleeding
  • Friction burns
  • Physical deformities and severe permanent scarring
  • Critical spine injury including paraplegia, tetraplegia and quadriplegia

Car Driver Liability For Injuring a Cyclist When Opening the Door

When a bike rider suffers serious injury or death caused by an open door, the motorist or passenger might be legally liable under state traffic laws. Whether the accident was caused by negligence or distraction of the vehicle’s occupants, it violates unambiguous laws making the motorist legally liable. However, injured bike riders have the burden of proving how an occupant in the vehicle directly caused the accident. Because of that, victims will often hire personal injury attorneys who specialize in car dooring accidents.

Hiring a Chicago Bicycle Accident Lawyer to Prosecute a Bike Dooring Injury

If you, or a loved one, have suffered serious injuries in a vehicle dooring accident, obtaining legal representation is essential. Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers handle these cases on contingency and provide a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your claim for compensation. Our team of Chicago bike injury lawyers will provide answers to every question to ensure you have the information, clarity and reassurance you need.

Our law firm is well-versed in Illinois bicycle accident law along with local bicycle ordinances, regulations, rules and policies. Our years of experience in handling difficult tort cases involving negligence along with our comprehensive understanding of civil procedure and access to legal resources has provided us the opportunity to successfully litigate bicycle accident cases throughout Illinois.