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Child Bicycle Injuries

Child Bicycle Injuries

Frequent Injuries Sustained by Children in Bicycle Accidents

Children are unfortunately the most common victims in bicycle accidents due to their ignorance of safe bicycling practices and lack of safety equipment. They are also less noticeable on the road so motorists are more likely to strike them simply because they failed to see their position on the road. The Chicago bicycle accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers have represented numerous children whose injuries had a profound impact on their lives and development. It is our mission to ensure that any child who is injured has access to everything needed to make a full physical recovery or to be able to adjust when this is not possible.

Bicycle Popularity among Children Increases Risk

More than eight in ten children receive their first bicycle before they are enrolled in the second grade and bicycling is a popular way to promote activity as they continue to grow. The greater number of child bicyclists correlates with the disproportionate injury and fatality rate seen among children compared to adults. Children under the age of 15 account for 40% of all bicycle related deaths and injuries to the head are the most common cause.

The use of helmets approved by the Snell Memorial Foundation’s standards can greatly reduce the chance of fatal head injuries, but children who are injured in bicycle accidents may be subject to other complications when their injuries impact their growth and development or leave unsightly scars.

Fractures to Growth Plates Require Extensive Therapy

Children who are growing are more likely to suffer fractures than adults— whose bones are much stronger. When a fracture occurs along a growth plate, however, it is possible for children to suffer developmental complications that include the shortening of one limb compared to the other, physical impairment or the misalignment of bones and joints. Surgical measures are often required to correct these complications in tandem with the use of braces or internal fixation devices.

The process of recovery can be costly, painful and embarrassing for the child. Any scars that the child may have suffered in the accident or due to surgery can be consistent reminders of the event and cause for ridicule as well. This can result in emotional anguish which develops into depression, anxiety or diminished self-esteem. The use of braces for the affected limb may exacerbate these conditions by giving the child’s peers more reason to ridicule or bully him or her over appearance.

Cognitive Impairments May Result from Blows to the Head

Scientific studies are revealing greater links between concussions and other traumatic brain injuries to cognitive dysfunction later in life. It is important for this reason that any concussion or internal trauma to the brain receives prompt diagnosis and treatment. Severe brain injuries can impact a child’s development, however, resulting in learning impairment, difficulty concentrating or remembering important events or information and other neurological disorders. If a traumatic brain injury occurs in a child due to a bicycle accident, it is important that the long term impact of the injury is considered when seeking compensation, as the cost of long term care may be significant.

Injuries to the head are also far more likely to be fatal when vehicles are involved. Studies have revealed that 90% of head injuries leading to the death of a bicyclist involve motorists while vehicles are only involved in 25% of the non-fatal bicycle related accidents occurring each year. If your child is struck by a negligent driver and dies from his or her injuries, it is possible to file a lawsuit for wrongful death. We understand that this will never replace your loss, however, and wish to help prevent these fatalities by urging more families to teach their children to use helmets whenever they ride their bikes.

Get Legal Help For Children Injured in Chicago Bicycle Accidents

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is an award winning law firm dedicated to helping the injured recover the compensation they need to be able to move on from their injuries. Our specialized legal teams have extensive experience in their areas of practice so that you can count on their ability and track record of success to increase your own chances of maximizing the amount of compensation you are able to recover.

Our Chicago bicycle accident attorneys focus on cases similar to your own and work on a contingency fee basis so that you are able to focus on your child’s recovery rather than whether you can afford medical or legal fees. Contact us today to arrange a free consultation so that we can gather all of the information we need to investigate your claim and let you know what your legal options are moving forward.