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Elgin Bicycle Accidents

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Elgin Bicycle AccidentsHave you ever ridden your bike through the Fox River trail? You can enjoy some of the most beautiful vistas combined with charming stops at places like Voyagers Landing and Festival Park in Elgin.

It is no surprise that so many Elgin residents ride their bikes during the warm summer months.

While riding your bike can by enjoyable, it is also true that Elgin bicycle accidents can occur on the narrow street and twisty roads of our sleepy manufacturing city.

In fact, the Governors Highway Association reported that Illinois is one of the top five states in bicyclist fatalities. In 2012 alone, 80 bicyclist died. Elgin gets it fair share of these accidents.

What are the causes of Elgin Bicycle Accidents?

  1. Drivers are not paying attention- A good number of bicyclist accidents in this country happen because drivers do not pay enough attention to bikers.

For example, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers represented a delivery bicyclist in Elgin. He was sideswiped by a truck making a left turn.

What was even worse was that our client was stopped at the time of the accident. However, the truck ran over and fractured his foot.

Because of the level of damage to the nerves in the riders’ foot he required exotic radio therapy in addition to surgery. The case was settled for $90,000 due to the expense of the therapy.

While we are glad that we helped our client receive justice, we also know that drivers need to pay attention to the road.

If they don’t notice your bike, then you can suffer the consequences. If you have any questions about how we helped our client with his $90,000 settlement call our office at 888-424-5757 with any questions that you might have.

  1. Be safe- While drivers are responsible for 80% of all bike accidents, bikers can do their part to protect themselves.

The Governors Highway Association report we mentioned before noted that two thirds of all fatally injured bicyclists were not wearing helmets. Currently, Illinois does not have a helmet law.

However, they have proven repeatedly to help riders avoid brain injury in case of an accident,

Furthermore, when riding your bike at night all bicyclists should have a light to help drivers see them.

Bike shops can even sell you the rear red blinking lights for less than $15. While you are there, get LED headlights to ensure you have a long-lasting headlight on the front of your bike.

Also, keep both hands on your handlebar whenever possible. You should use your hands to signal drivers on the direction you are riding. However, at all other times you should have both hands on your handlebar. That way you can break faster and retain more control over your bike.

Finally, if you do have any questions check out Elgin’s’ Bicycle Ambassador program. They provide Elgin residents with safety tips to protect themselves while riding.

3.Follow the Bikers Rules of the Road- Last summer an 8-year-old Carpentersville boy was injured after cutting across two lanes on Route 25.

This is one of the busiest streets in Elgin, and this bicyclist crossed it like it was a side street in his neighborhood

It is a solemn reminder that bicyclists need to follow the Rules of the Road when riding their bikes.

The City of Elgin has rules on how drivers should yield to bike riders. They let drivers know they should not perform maneuvers like the Right Hook. That is when the car turns right and does not yield to the bike rider on their right.

The same is true of bikers. They must be willing to yield to cars when the occasion calls for it.

Slow down at intersections and be respectful of drivers’ space. They might not have as much reaction time when their car is moving faster.

What can you do if you were already in an Elgin Bicycle Accident?

While it is more valuable to talk about strategies to avoid accidents, it would not be realistic if we did not talk about what to do if you are in a biking accident.

While the scenarios can vary tremendously, one thing remains the same. Bicyclist should seek the aid of counsel. You are never sure of your rights until you learn what they are in your situation.

If you were in an Elgin bicycle accident, then contact Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers at 888-424-5757for a free consultation.

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