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Joliet Bicycle Accidents

Joliet Bicycle Accident Lawyers

You are enjoying a peaceful nighttime bike ride in Joliet. As a bit of a safety nut, you are of course wearing a helmet and reflector jacket so cars can see you at night. However, this night is different. A drunk driver doesn’t see you. He hits your bike.

Suddenly you are thrown right over the handlebars. You stretch out your arms instinctively to protect yourself, and end up with a torn rotator cuff. Not to mention a lot of back and neck pains.

Joliet Bicycle AccidentsThink this Joliet bicycle accident scenario will not happen to you?

It happened to one of our clients. After surgery and recovery, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers settled the case for $200,000.

Joliet has a lot of amazing bike trails like the Wauponsee Paved Trail, Old Plank Road Trail, Rock Run Trail, and the 60-acre Joliet Junction Trail.

However, there are also a number of narrow streets and roadways where more and more bikers venture as they use their bike to travel around the city.

This is where it becomes dangerous for bikers to safely navigate the City of Steel. Joliet has more than just truck drivers coming through our industrial town. You also have a number of drunk drivers from the casino and other local bars.

Therefore, it is vitally important to understand how to protect yourself when bicycling in Joliet.

Understanding How Joliet Bicycle Accidents Happen

  1. Driver not paying attention– In many cases, the driver did not even see the biker. Since 80% of bicycling accidents are the fault of the driver this is vitally important.

We discussed earlier how Joliet has a number of narrow streets. This is especially true in the downtown area where many of the streets were built in the early to mid-parts of the 20th century during the manufacturing boom.

It forces bikers to move left and right as they zig zag around parked cars and other obstructions in the area. However, bikers always need to be mindful of their surroundings.

If you turn left into traffic, then a car can rear end you. Better to look as you ride your bike. Practice looking left without veering into traffic. It will take some practice, but this one maneuver can be a life saver.

Better yet, get mirrors to help you see behind you as you ride. This way you can spot cars without turning around and losing focus on the street ahead of you.

  1. Dooring- A driver or passenger opening their door must pay attention to their surroundings.

Otherwise, bikers might not have time to get out of the way. They could hit the door and flying over the car door. Or worse, they could swerve quickly and then get hit by a passing car.

Most drivers are not aware that they are liable for dooring accidents. It is even included in their insurance policy. It is also the reason why Illinois State Law requires that you look before opening your door.

If you were injured in a dooring accident, you can recover damages from the auto policy. Contact Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers at 888-424-5757for a free consultation.

  1. Signal turns– Intersections are very deadly for bicyclists. That is why they need to make sure they have the attention of surrounding cars when they turn.

Illinois has a Biker Rules of the Road that describes how bikers should signal to drivers that they are moving left or right. While you can signal a right or left turn with your opposite arm, the best policy is to put your arm out towards the direction you are turning.

As we discussed above, drivers are sometimes not even aware of your presence. When they are, it is best to use signals that make it easy for them to avoid hitting you.

Study the signals as well as the other rules bikers must follow in Illinois to stay safe on Joliet streets.

Final Thoughts From Attorneys Who Know the Dangers of Joliet Bike Accidents

Joliet bicycle accidents should not be taken lightly in any circumstance. Often the costs of an accident can be much higher than first thought.

That is why Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers works to help bike riders stay safe and get the justice they deserve when they are involved in a bicycle accident.

If you have any questions about how we can help you receive justice for your Joliet bicycle accident contact us at 888-424-5757 for a free consultation.

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