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Sideswipe Accidents

sideswipe bicycle accident

Attorneys for Sideswipe Bicycle Accidents in Chicago

Riding a bicycle on busy highways, crowded streets and through a residential community can be a potentially risky activity even though there are laws to ensure safety. Sideswipe accidents in congested traffic areas claim the lives of bicyclists every year because these collisions are typically very challenging to avoid. These types of accidents typically cause the bicyclists to lose control of the bike, resulting in a tragic consequence.

Glancing Blow

Often referring as a “glancing blow,” sideswipe accidents involve a bicycle being hit by another object, usually a moving motor vehicle, which often causes a lawfully riding bicyclist to fall into oncoming traffic. In some situations, the bicycle and cyclist are crushed when run over by automobiles, commercial vans and semi-trucks.

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In many situations, sideswipe accidents are the result of a driver overreacting to an impending collision or road hazard. Braking hard, oversteering or taking preemptive steps to avoid a collision causes them to strike a bicyclist unexpectedly. Other times, sideswipes are the result of a motorist deciding to change lanes without first checking the adjoining lane to ensure no other vehicle, bicyclist or pedestrian is in the way.

Some drivers will claim that the accident was the result of not seeing the victim due to a “blind spot” where a portion of the car blocked the motorist’s view. Nearly all of these types of accidents are the result of an absent-minded action or reckless behavior of a motorist driving distracted, impaired or too fast.

Common Causes of Collisions Between Motorists and Cyclists

Not every sideswipe by an approaching vehicle is caused simply by driver neglect. Many common causes include:

  • A vehicle suddenly making a left-hand turn.
  • A sudden and unexpected vehicle right hand turn.
  • A vehicle swerving out of the way of another vehicle or object prior to hitting the bicyclist.
  • A rear end collision where the hit vehicle strikes the bicycle sharing the road.

Because of the bicycle’s two wheel design, the biker has little protection and stability when
struck by a moving object. In addition, road conditions are often a leading factor of sideswipe
accidents where a motorist loses visibility while driving.

Seeking Compensation for Injuries Sustained in a Bike Sideswipe Accident

Usually the injury suffered by a bicyclist involved in the sideswipe accident are devastating. The victim may be dealing with lifelong medical issues including traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury, cuts, bruises, lacerations, scarring, disfigurement and loss of limbs, organ damage or other injury. Typically, the injured party will see compensation from every individual an entity at fault for causing their injuries. The amount of recompense usually required will recover expenses including:

  • Hospitalization and ongoing medical bills
  • Loss of wages
  • Reintegration expenses
  • Prospective medical expenses
  • Loss of previous quality of living
  • Physical anguish, pain and suffering

In many situations, the insurance carrier holding the policy of the driver at fault will invest time and effort to establish that the victim who is the one responsible for the accident. The only way to be assured that the victim’s rights have not been infringed upon is to seek competent legal counsel early on. Legal assistance is crucial to obtain a just an adequate resolution after filing a claim or lawsuit.

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Obtaining Legal Help for Injuries Sustained in a Chicago Bike Crash

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is an experienced law firm who specializes in sideswipe accident cases. Our team of personal injury attorneys handle every aspect of the case and have access to all necessary resources to build a solid claim or suit for compensation. We have been highly successful in our previous cases by securing statements from each witness through our professional investigation team. We photograph the accident scene, obtain traffic control sequencing reports from the local municipality and hire the best accident reconstruction experts.

We use proven methods to challenge the arguments by the defense that the bicyclist was responsible for the accident. Our team of experts analyze every skid mark at the accident scene, evaluate impact dents and proof how the driver’s actions, speed and condition directly caused the crash. Many of our clients had no reasonable time to react in an effort to avoid the collision.

We invite you to contact us online or call our legal offices at (888) 424-5757 to schedule your free, initial no-obligation consultation. We accept these cases on contingency. You owe us nothing until we recover your financial compensation by negotiating your out-of-court settlement or successfully winning your case at trial.