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Springfield Bicycle Accidents

Springfield Bicycle AccidentsSpringfield, IL Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Most tourists are probably not aware how many beautiful bike trails Springfield has. After visiting Lincoln’s home and the state capitol they do not stay long enough to enjoy the beautiful Wabash or Sangamon Valley trails.

It is a shame, because they go through some stunning parks in the state capitol. Trails and other natural vistas is also one of the reason why Springfield has seen an increase in bikers over the last few years.

The only problem is that with more bikers on the road, more Springfield bicycle accidents happen as well. That is why it is vitally important to be aware of common biking collisions and how to prevent them.

What are Some Common Types of Springfield Bicycle Accidents?

  1. Dooring Accidents– Springfield is an interesting mixture of people. You have a large population that lives there throughout the year as well as a number of politicians and other governmental officials who come in for state business.

Many ride bikes to get around the state capitol, others use cars because they are not used to the area. The mixture causes a lot of traffic. Traffic can then lead to dooring accidents.

A dooring accident is when a driver or passenger of a car opens their car door when they are parked and a bike hits the door. This can be very dangerous, because often the bike rider goes flying over the car door.

If they are able to avoid car door, they can swerve out of the way. However, this can put them right in the middle of traffic where they can get hit by passing motorists.

It is one reason why bikers should stay farther to the left when they ride their bike. They are easy targets for dooring accidents. Furthermore, Illinois State law requires that bikers have three feet of space on each side.

This means that passing cars must give them space, so they do not get to close to parked cars.

Keep in mind that while the car is stopped, drivers are still liable for dooring accidents. If you are a bicycle rider and got into a dooring injury contact an attorney to learn more about how they can help you reach a settlement with the insurance company.

Call Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers at 888-424-5757 to learn more.

  1. Inattentive Drivers– Springfield does have a number of bike lanes, in some parts of the city they do not. Bikers should ride farther left in those areas when appropriate, so drivers do not miss them when they reach intersections.

Often a driver might not see the bike rider if they are too far over to the right of the road. Then if they turn right, the biker might be blindsided by the car or truck.

By riding your bike in the street as a regular vehicle, you can reduce accidents. According to the Illinois Bicycles Rules of the Road, bikes are treated like any other motorized vehicle on the road.

Therefore, they are liable to street signs and laws. By riding your bike in a manner that makes you more visible, you can clearly signal your intention to motorists.

  1. Driver rear ends bikers– By riding their bikes further to the left, many bikers are concerned about being rear ended by cars. This is less likely to happen when the car clearly sees you.

Although sometimes cars have been known to pass and clip riders, it is more likely that a biker who rides to far to the right will be doored than rear ended.

What can you do if you were in a Springfield Bicycle Accident?

If you were in a biking accident, then you need to understand your rights. In Illinois it is very possible to get a settlement for your injuries, medical treatment, and pain and suffering.

However, negotiating with insurance companies can be tricky. That is why statistically, hiring a bike accident attorney increases on average the settlement you receiving for an accident by over 350%.

Let Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers help you get the settlement you deserve for your Springfield bicycle accident. Call us today for a free consultation at 888-424-5757.

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